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San Diego Here I Come!

Monday, August 29th, 2011

San Diego here I come…nearly where I started from, in my quilting career that is! San Marcos is about 35 miles north of San Diego so it is just a jaunt down the freeway to get to the San Diego Quilt Show September 8-10 at the San Diego Convention Center.

One reason I am extra excited is that I’ll be featured as the guest of honor.  I AM HONORED! This is an opportunity to meet many of you who live locally and have the same passion for making quilts that I do. Much has changed in the thirty three years since I started my quilting career. To make a quilt, we tore our strips, now a rotary cutter gets the job done in no time. Gone are the days of puffy batting, simple quilting, limited fabric choices and few designs. I am happy to work with new technology, both as a design tool and putting a quilt together…still “in a day”.

Please, if you attend the San Diego Quilt Show, stop by, I’d love to meet you.

This is a quilt from our newest book, Radiant Star Quilts.

A little surprise arrived last week so I could meet her before I go on the road in September. My new granddaughter Becca Burns made an appearance two years EXACTLY since her brother Jonas was added to the family. They share the same birthday, August 24! Isn’t that fun? Has this happened in your family? I read once that within a certain group of people you will find common things, birthdays, anniversaries, people in common. I find it to be so true and now our family is proof that it happens. I will get a picture of little Becca soon to share with you.