Quilting for Charity

March 19th brought many volunteers to Quilt in a Day for a day long Quiltathon. From 7am to 5pm seamstresses filtered in and out making quilt tops for charity. Quilt in a Day provided kits to get them started and the Baby Lock machines many of them used.

A pile of Log Cabin blocks “hot” off the sewing machine!

Brenda continues to add rounds.

A little pressing and a huge smile.

It didn’t take long to finish the rounds and lay out the Log Cabin

blocks into the All Sevens pattern.

Great job by all the participants. There were between 12 to 15 tops made that day. Quilts are donated to the Women’s Resource Center and needy families at Camp Pendleton.

One Response to “Quilting for Charity”

  1. Carolyn says:


    I’m taking your quilting cruise September 11-18, 2011. Is there a “fee” for the kit for quilting or is all the cost covered in the $1185.00 fee for the inside room? I’ve been trying to get information from “Sew Many Places” but am not having any luck. Once they sell you the cruise the friendly face is gone. I can’t wait for the trip. Do you have the quilt pattern(s) selected that we’ll be making? Thanks for any suggestions you have. Carolyn