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Quilting for Charity

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

March 19th brought many volunteers to Quilt in a Day for a day long Quiltathon. From 7am to 5pm seamstresses filtered in and out making quilt tops for charity. Quilt in a Day provided kits to get them started and the Baby Lock machines many of them used.

A pile of Log Cabin blocks “hot” off the sewing machine!

Brenda continues to add rounds.

A little pressing and a huge smile.

It didn’t take long to finish the rounds and lay out the Log Cabin

blocks into the All Sevens pattern.

Great job by all the participants. There were between 12 to 15 tops made that day. Quilts are donated to the Women’s Resource Center and needy families at Camp Pendleton.

Bed Turning

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Last week I held an old fashion Bed Turning at my home in Carlsbad – it was my first,  and such a fun event. Our local Quilt Study Group as well as my “Bucket List” club were on hand to view the 25 quilts layered on a twin bed. The bed was in the corner of the living room allowing seating  for all to see the medley of Garden Quilts I selected to show.

As each quilt was shown, I was able to tell the story of the designer, the year the quilt was made, and even share a magazine article from the time period the quilt was introduced. A Marie Webster French Basket design was the featured top quilt. Marie was the inspiration to many quilters in the early 1900’s. Many quilts on the bed featured flower motifs, a sure sign that winter is over and warmer “garden weather” is ahead.

The assembled group exclaimed, “That is the biggest hunk of “That Green” fabric from the 1930’s that I have ever seen, — and not faded!”

A lovely Grandmother’s Garden Quilt was inspired by Florence LaGanke in 1928 and 1929. Originally the patterns were published once a week by Publisher’s Syndicate under the name “Nancy Page Quilt Club.” Quilt in a Day published a Grandmother’s Garden Quilt book in 1999…you can make your own!

So soft and feminine, this quilt combines applique and stitching for a sunny spring look. The patterns were printed on fabric in blue ink, it saved the consumer the tedious job of marking.

Tulips spring up in this antique quilt inspired by Ruby McKim. To make your own updated version, we have a kit available from our Easy Strip Tulip book. Visit our website and search for kit #7074.

What is an event without some delicious goodies?

This was a wonderful way to share my quilts, I plan to do it again at the Quilter’s Hall of Fame in July. Hope to see you there.