Out with the old….

Cody isn’t getting “fresh” he is hooking me up for a microphone and I am excited! You’ve heard me exclaim this over and over but I AM EXCITED! I am about to show you (and others via video) my OLD and MESSY sewing room. Ordinarily, I would keep cameras away, but it is out with the old and soon to be in with the NEW.

All of this…..

All of this….

Even our trusty copier….


Orion and I are discussing “the plan”. In the next few days, this room will be stripped (another of my favorite terms) of everything. From floor to ceiling, gone…including the carpet and existing lights.

This make over is a custom Koala Studio.

Can’t wait to show you the new but like me, you have to wait patiently.


13 Responses to “Out with the old….”

  1. Jacquie Ansell says:

    Oh how wonderful!! Lucky El…a new design studio! Can’t wait to see the new quilts and books. Congratulations! jacquie2

  2. Carolyn says:

    I’m very excited about your new and improved sewing room!!! I wanted to drop an idea about the upcoming Caribbean cruise, September 11-18, 2011. I understand from “Jackie” at Sew Many Places, that the quilters on this cruise would need to bring various items: scissors, rotary cutters, etc. (she doesn’t have the list yet, but remembers this from past cruises). Normally I don’t check a bag, but just have carry-on luggage. If I have to bring “sharp” items, I’ll need to “check” a bag with the airline carrier, most charge $25 per bag, each way: total $50. Could I suggest an ability to “pay” a small fee for access to these items in class, thereby canceling the need to check a bag with the airline??? Just a thought–you’ve done this plenty of times and know exactly what to do. This is new to me and I’m trying to save all my money for books and fabric once I get on board!!! Thanks!!! Carolyn White, NC

    • Thanks for your idea about the cruise, I will pass the information on to Sue who does the coordinating. Good thoughts.

      • Vicki H. says:

        Congrats on the new sewing room – you deserve it!!
        I was wondering about the cruise Carolyn mentioned, how does a person find out about these things? Is there still room on this one? Appreciate any input.
        Vicki in Iowa

  3. Judi says:

    I am looking forward to the new room. I really need to reorganize mine,

  4. Traci says:

    And here I thought you were working in a state of the art quilting studio! It looked (past tense now!) alot like mine! Can’t wait to see the new studio, you’re a very lucky lady Ms. El!!! Keep the great projects coming!


  5. Susanna Copus says:

    How *Fun* and exciting to get your quilt studio make-over.
    I can’t wait to see the pictures after the work is all finnished and done.


  6. Linda Froggie Quilter says:

    I bet you are so excited! Your quilt room looks a lot like mine, stuff everywhere. You will have such a great time in the new quilting room, and I hope you don’t lose your remote for your Baby Lock!
    ~Hopppy quilting~

  7. Marilyn Jackson says:

    Hi Eleanor!

    Your new sewing studio is going to be beautiful! It will look so lovely when completed! Looking forward to the new and upcoming projects and books. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your BFF!

  8. Debbie says:

    How lucky you are…. we will all watch and drool!!!!!!! I just moved mine into a room of its own for the first time. Have a new design wall, hoping that someday I can get the “fancy” sewing machine and table….

  9. Oh Lady Eleanor, I do belive I am experiencing a fainting spell. My, my, my….an entire new sewing studio….by Koala no less. I may just need a mint julep to recover from my spell/envy.

    I must shop for a new dress to wear for unveiling. Hmmmm….sequins or no sequins? I can’t decide. One more mint julep and I may wear a swim suit…LOL

    Hugs and Smiles,