…in with the new!!!

In one jam packed week our sewing room went from this

to this…..!!!

Isn’t that amazing!! I am “sew” excited. The studio went from a dull white to a cheery yellow, very inspirational, yet calming. How can I express the change? It is “SEW” wonderful. There is a place for everything and for now, almost everything  is in it’s place. Drawers and cupboards, baskets and trays, shelves and cubbies make me celebrate organization on a whole new level!

With a triangular work flow from sewing machine, to ironing, to my computer I am sure my production will increase…hope you’re all happy to hear that. Orion added convenience with several accessory slat walls. Aren’t they attractive? Hooks inserted into the slats hold rulers, rotary cutters, patterns and notions all within easy reach.

Thank you for all your kind and encouraging words about my new Koala Studio. Hope you like the change…now, when you see our books and patterns, you will know where it was all inspired and created.


11 Responses to “…in with the new!!!”

  1. SewCalGal says:

    Super makeover. Great lighting too. love the new Koala cabinets. I’m very happy for you. Cheerful place to sew!


  2. Looks fabulous! I’m sure you will enjoy it. I am loving the green and red star quilt laid across table in the second to the last pictures. Is the pattern for that available?

  3. I’m SEW jealous!!! I love it. I have gridwall to hold my notions, rulers etc….if I waited until my monkeys could hang me some slatwall, I’d be 99 🙂

    It can be tough to get used to things being new….even when they are beautiful. Seems like when I want something I have to re-train the brain as to where to get it.

    I hope you get lots of relaxing hours in your new Koala Room…it is SEW Lovely.


  4. Eleanor you are so lucky to have so much organized space. Now that everything is in it’s place can you find it? What pattern is the Star Wallhanding in the corner next to the bulletin board? Is it from one of your books?

  5. Alice Dawson says:

    Wonderful playroom! Some year the Koala will make it into my home. Maybe when I get a bigger space! Enjoy your new surroundings. And great job Orion on the slatted wall organizer! Beautiful!!!

  6. joy nations says:

    Dear Eleanor, words can’t tell you what your t.v shows have done for me. You actually saved my sanity and maybe my life. I was living with a husband that kept me a prisoner in our home. The only thing I was allowed to do was watch you and I took up piecing. I so looked forward to your show coming on as it was my escape from such a scary life. I thank God for you and I just wanted you to know that I love you and what you stand for. I am now out of that marriage and though I don’t have alot to work with I still do my piecing and love it. I just wanted you to know that you touch peoples life in more ways than you know………Sincerely, joy nations

  7. Ferne says:

    Your new space looks like it is being tested out. Looks like it would be very efficient. Can’t wait to see what creations come from there. I love Orion’s slat wall, he might have a new business creating for us crafters!

  8. Lindsey says:

    Wow, what a difference some organization can do for a room. It looks great and I bet you find things easier and can get more accomplished now.

  9. Linda says:

    Upon completion, my friends and I were privileged to view firsthand your new sewing room in San Marcos. We were very impressed, and I must admit, just a little green with envy. What a great space in which to create those wonderful new patterns and subsequent quilts. Kudos to Orion for a job well done. He is welcome to come to my home anytime and try to organize me and my space.

  10. maritza cedeño says:

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