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Sugar and Extra Spice

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Each month nearly 13o ladies arrive at Quilt in a Day the second Tuesday of the month for either a day or night class. They are here for the Block of the Month, this year expanded to a Quilt of the Month!

May’s pattern was Cinnamon Swirl, a delightful pattern submitted by my sister Judy. It is made from a Honey Bun, 1  1/2″ wide strips of delicious fabric. Blocks swirl one way and then the other when placed in the opposite direction. It’s a great pattern to do in two sizes, baby or lap. 

Treating the gals to cinnamon buns as they entered the classroom was a surprise they enjoyed. I got up early and attended to my cooking duties before they arrived for the 10am class. The night crew had the cinnamon buns for dessert, just as yummy then too.

The warm Cinnamon Buns rest on two samples of the newest pattern. If the buns look extra dark, blame me. I added two TABLESPOONS, not teaspoons to the mix.  I always get the two mixed up. Do you ever do that?

The morning class gives me their full attention…..

then again, maybe not, note these busy hands.

June will feature something patriotic, it’s in the works.


Delivery Driver

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

My curvy drive down the hill from Julian was complicated even more with my “passengers”…bolts and bolts of fabric.  The fabric and I were both headed back to Quilt in a Day after a wonderful four day retreat in the mountains.

We had forty plus gals in camp that came from as far away as Florida. Four gals drove from Missouri and packed the car with a friend from Iowa (probably stopping at every quilt store along the way). They all kept busy with their sewing goals, making Day & Night, Tossed Nine Patch, Quick Trip and Twice as Nice. 

My truck was filled to capacity with the yardage left from setting up a store at Camp Cedar Glen last week.

An exhausted delivery driver, I’m finding help to unload!

Students look forward to a Tea Party each year at Bear’s Paw Ranch, my nearby home in Julian. It’s fun to host this event for both the spring and fall retreats.