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My new book is almost complete!

Monday, January 25th, 2010

I’ve been under the gun, working feverishly on my new book; Quilt Blocks on American Barns.  During a trip to Chatquea, New York two years ago,  I had the opportunity to go on the Country Barn Quilt Trails of Western New York.  When I got back I started thinking about what sorts of blocks would tell the story of what I saw; blocks like Corn and Beans, Farmer’s Daughter, Hens and Chicks and of course, Hole in the Barn Door!  I introduced those blocks as my 2009 Block Party. When it was all done, I decided to make it into a book. The book is so close to go to press. So I’d better get back to work so I can share it with the rest of you!  Click here for Quilt Blocks on American Barns Pre-Order.


Road to California 2010

Monday, January 18th, 2010

I just got back today from Road to California.  What a wonderful time we had!  It was great to meet those of you who were able to come out to see us.  On Thursday and Friday at our booth, we took pictures, I signed lots of books, tote bags, paddles, just about everything and just had a terrific time!  On Friday afternoon, I had a few extra minutes to walk around and see some of the quilts that were in the show.  There was a harpist playing live and I felt like I was in an art gallery.  On Saturday and Sunday I taught my “Day & Night” pattern and as usual, we had lots of fun.    If you didn’t get a chance to go, hopefully you can make it in 2011.  See you then!


Let the party begin…

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Yay!!  Block party started today and I am so excited. (I get that way a lot about quilting)  This year it’s all about scraps and called Strip Tzz.  Today we did show & tell of last year’s block party and let me tell you, those quilts were fabulous.   The talent always blows me away.  After show & tell, I introduced the concept of Strip Tzz. It is a little different this year because I will be teaching a whole pattern instead of just one block. By the end of the year, everyone will have 12 patterns.  Today’s pattern is “Twice as Nice” and everybody got a full color pattern booklet with the design and technique all together.  In addition they got a pink boa and an Eleanor Burns Club bag.  It is a 16” x 16” non-woven club bag that they can fill up and get 5% off everything they can fit in the bag.  The partiers can use Jelly Rolls, or their own stash to make 3 different quilts out of this pattern.  Strip Tzz is great for beginners as well as experienced quilters.  Today’s block party is being taped and an online demonstration will be available soon to watch on our free media theatre so be sure to check out our home page halfway down,


My Blog by Eleanor Burns

Friday, January 8th, 2010

My son Orion has been after me for months to start a blog but since I had no idea of what a “blog” was, I was reluctant. I saw the movie “Julie & Julia” and finally understood what it meant to “blog”. This is my very first one so please bear with me, I’m not sure what to write about so I may ramble. For so many years my whole life has revolved around quilting and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love the creative process and figuring out how to make things easier. It is a real learning experience and I am loving every minute of it. Thank you to all of you for going on this wild quilting ride with me, we still have a lot of ground to cover!

Orion just gave me my calendar for the first part of the new year and I am already overwhelmed! So far, I have Road to California in Ontario, CA in January; Sewing Expo in Puyallup, WA in February, and then I head for the AQS Show in Lancaster, PA in March. Of course the highlight of my year is Paducah, KY in April. I guess I should have asked for new luggage for Christmas!

I enjoy staying close to home a lot more these days so I can be with my 2 grandchildren. Ellie is now 2 ½ and Jonas is 6 months old. They are the delight of my life.

Guess I better get back to work. I am finishing up the new book “Quilt Blocks on American Barns”. It needs to go to the printer soon so it will be available to you in April.

Happy quilting, enjoy the ride!
Eleanor Burns